Customized Metal Oxide Surge Arrester Disconnector for Over Voltage Protection

Easily Assembled Metal Oxide Rubber Gapless Surge Lightning Arrester with Disconnector


Lightning Arrester Description:


YongDe Surge Arresters can be applied to a variety of systems including substation equipment, AC-DC converters, railway power system and power distribution units ranging from 0.25kV to 765kV systems. These surge arresters demonstrate excellent protection properties. YongDe surge arresters incorporate YNR elements (YongDe Non-linear Resistor ZnO Elements) with superior non-linear voltage-current characteristics, high quality and reliability. Metal oxide type surge arresters offer such special features inherent in the gap-less structure, such as a quick response to surge voltage, high energy dissipation capability, safe operation, compactness / lightweight and freedom from pollution.


Lightning Arrester Features:


1. Compact and Lightweight

2. Extremely Safe Pressure Relief Performance

3. Superior Performance against Environmental Contamination

4. Directly Molded Structure

5. Compliance with International Standards(IEC60099-4)

6. Simple Support Structure

7. Manufactured at Advanced ISO-9001 certified facilities




Type YH5W5-24/64.3
Rated voltage---------kV 24
MOCV ----------------kV 19.5
Nominal Current-------kV 5
Residual voltage of steep impulse----at 5kA(kV) 69.5
8/20µS Residual voltage of lightning impulse current kV(Peak value)-----at 5kA(kV) 64.3
Residual voltage of switching impulse current kV (peak value)----at 1kA (kV) /
1mA D.C reference voltage (kV) 34
Line discharge level 1
2mS long duration impulse current A 250
4/10µS High current impulse kA 65
Lightning impulse withstand kV 125
Power frequency voltage withstand(dry/wet)kV 50
0.1S TOV--------------kV 28.8
1S TOV----------------kV 27.6
10S TOV---------------kV 26.4
1200S TOV-------------kV 24
Creepage distance ----mm 824
Material employed in series non-linear resistor Zinc Oxide


Different creepage distance variants and a wide range of connectors and accessories allow customized solutions – please contact us! 


Metal Oxide Surge Arrester

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